What We Do

Our developers are highly experienced on Android platform and capable of building custom android applications from scratch.

iOS App

Genx technology is an application development company that brings the top mobile app developers and designers in the world together under one roof. Because of the running of smart phone and tablet usage in recent years, companies that make apps have received an impetus to create like never before. If you plan to launch your app on the open Android ecosystem or on Appleā€™s much-loved App Store, you will need to work with a mobile application development company that both understands the technical basics of each platform, and will take the time to work with you to realize your unique vision.

We build IOS apps with the best technologies to user experience and serve to specific business demands. We designed mobile apps with a simple philosophy in mind. We specialized in mobile app development that gives digital experiences to user.

We notice that in the digital world, technology is in a state of constant evolution. We help businesses in navigate this ever-changing landscape and create a path to increase success. Our multi-award winning mobile application for IOS (iPhone & IPad) and Android devices have delivered in time for users and organizations alike.
The applications development team of Genx have decades of united experience, facility in several coding and programming languages, and deep knowledge of IOS requirements. Their approach to development creates smart apps that work absolute on across devices and networks. At the same time our results driven processes make every investment timely and cost-effective.
Genx team is composed of a special experienced and various group of talented individuals who are well-versed in the technical workings of various mainstream platforms. Our aim is to help in create your business and launch an app that satisfies business needs, provides spontaneous user experience, and launches successfully to your specific audience.

Our methodology is we have produced successful apps for many clients on many different operating systems. We at Genx know and appreciate that every app is different and that your app needs to shine above the rest. Other companies that create apps rarely take the time to understand you, your audience, and your business needs. We do, and because of this, Genx has become one of the most trusted mobile apps development firms in the industry. By committing to excellence, focusing on end users, and creating an excellent user interface and experience, Genx can help you develop a successful, effective, and fun mobile application.
We undertake iPhone Application development for the following categories:

  • Communication apps
  • Travel and Lifestyle apps
  • Web based apps
  • Location based apps
  • Entertainment apps Technologies/Platform versions:
  • Image